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Prince of Persia: Forgotten Sands Debut Trailer

by on December 13, 2009

forgottensandlogoSo we already knew that there was a new Prince of Persia title on the way that would continue from where the ‘Sands of time’ story arc left off but no-one until last night had seen anything relating to the new title. With the impending release of the new movie based on the established gaming franchise we at God is a Geek like many of you gamers out there were praying for the new title not to be a movie tie-in. It seems our prayers were answered as judging from the debut trailer of the game shown at yesterdays VGA ’09 awards this new title has nothing to do with the movie.

Not much is shown about the game in the trailer but you can rest assured that the Prince’s time controlling powers look to be making a comeback, hopefully this will see the return of the challenging platforming and solid puzzles absent from the latest interpretation of the Prince of Persia story. Only time will tell but for now sit back, relax and enjoy!