Pre-order Your £150 WoW Headset Now

by on February 1, 2010

Ever wanted your voice to sound like Thrall bellowing orders with the voice of a true war chief? Well perhaps that dream can come true. The Creative headsets previewed at the just passed Blizzcon are now available for pre-order on amazon.co.uk. The headset will set you back £150, perhaps a little steep for some. The outside of the headset can be customised with Alliance or Horde glyphs and further customised through the World of Warcaft audio panel included in the package.

The wireless headset will work for both the PC and Mac and can be recharged during use to ensure no break in play, volume and mute controls are available on the side of the headset with over-sized padded ear cups included for comfort.

The VoiceFX technology will allow players to mod their voices and sound like characters from the World of Warcraft, the voices available have not been confirmed at time of posting but I would guess there will be a variety of voices to cover most races in the game.