Waiting For StarCraft II?

by on July 27, 2010

Waiting for StarCraft II? Well I am. I just love release day, waiting by the door with baited breathe, hoping every van that goes by is the one that will bring me what I crave so much. There is always that decision to be made, do I go retail or online? Standard or collector’s? Well I decided to go for a collector’s edition of StarCraft II. I also decided to go with LoveFilm as they were selling the juicy collector’s edition for just £54.99 at the time.

Those of you that regularly buy through online retailers will know that most of the time the game arrives a day early, allowing you to rip into the action straight away or at least in the case of Blizzard games, play the game at midnight when the servers are switched on. Unfortunately for myself StarCraft II did not arrive a day early, I have been left to a sweaty day of angst waiting for the delivery.

So I woke up at 7am, yes 7am! All the excitement actually interferes with my sleep and gets me up nice and early, possibly because when I was growing up my postman used to arrive at 6am but that was back in the day when the hallowed “second post” existed. No more, postmen turn up when they like these days. Mine turned up at around 9am and rang the door bell, I was out of bed like a gazelle to answer the door, only to find a small package addressed to my Dad. Thwarted by the collector’s edition, too big for standard mail you see. A quick call to Lovefilm and I get my tracking number…..it seems delivery  by courier will arrive between 2 and 3pm.

I am not the only one awaiting delivery of StarCrack II. Warren aka Twisted from The Buff Up Show ordered with Amazon.co.uk and his shipment is currently en-route from Scotland…..he lives in Essex.

Louise actually went in-store to order her collector’s edition where she was told it would be delivered on release day.

My good friend Av bought a serial key from “flea-bay” and is still awaiting his electronic delivery.

Asim Tanvir gave in to all the hype and purchased a standard edition from HMV.

Aaron Sullivan aka Sully is currently searching his couch for some cash so he can purchase the game.

Calvin Robinson could not take all the hype and decided to flee the country to escape the madness.

How has your release day been? Let us know via the comments section.

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