Fable III Limited Collector’s Edition Unboxed!

by on September 16, 2010

Everyone loves a good unboxing, right? Oh come on, you know you do. You can’t help but watch someone unboxing a limited or collector’s edition of a brand new game. You don’t even know why you’re watching it, it just happens. Kind of like…no, we won’t go there!

Anyway, we have for you the unboxing of the Fable III Limited Collector’s Edition. Ted Timmins from Lionhead Studios is the unboxer and he shows everyone what to expect from package, if they choose to invest in one. It doesn’t quite earn our coveted status of “sexy unboxing”, but if you’re interested in getting the Limited Collector’s Edition, it’s worth a watch. Go on, press that play button…you know you want to!