Swarm – Another New Gameplay Trailer Plus New Screenshots

by on February 4, 2011

If you’re like us here at GodisaGeek.com you’ve been following the development of Hothead Games’ latest venture, Swarm, with intent. When you’re watching the development of any game there’s nothing better than being able to show it off to people, and that’s all made even better when it’s being shown off by Hothead Games’ resident “PhD” Dr Mike Hayward!

With exactly that in mind Hothead Games have today released a third Ask Dr Mike gameplay trailer along with some swanky new screenshots of their hotly anticipated new title.

Swarm is an action-platformer from the creators of DeathSpank and Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness. In Swarm you take control of 50 utterly fearless Swarmites and drive them through an intense, entertaining and often suicidal battle of survival. Run, bash, huddle, boost, stack, jump, push and throw your way through gauntlets of death and destruction in an attempt to collect valuable DNA and ensure that at least one Swarmite survives.

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Swarm is currently set for a March release on the Xbox LIVE Arcade and PlayStation Network.