Call Of Duty: Black Ops “First Strike” DLC Now Available On PC

by on March 28, 2011

Call of Duty Black Pps LogoFollowing its release on XBOX Live in February and PlayStation Network earlier this month, the Call of Duty: Black Ops downloadable content pack “First Strike” has finally made its way on to PC.

Featuring five new maps, the pack promises to bring fresh variety to the Call of Duty online scene. Of the maps, four are regular multiplayer maps and one is a “Zombie Mode” map.

Trailers and further details about the maps can be found on this earlier GodisaGeek post, but for those too darn lazy to follow a link, an overview is as follows:

Berlin Wall – which features combat on both sides of the historic piece or architecture

Discovery – where battle commences on a desolate, frozen German outpost in Antarctica

Kowloon – set in Hong Kong, where fighters struggle in the pouring rain over rooftops in the sea of high-rise towers

Stadium – a tightly-packed map set in an Ice Hockey Arena

Ascension – the Zombie map, which is set in an abandoned Soviet missile launch facility

First Srike is available now through Steam and Direct2Drive, as well as other digital download outlets.