Clash Of Heroes HD Tactic Video

by on April 2, 2011

When you’re playing a game that’s based heavily on tactics, such as Clash of Heroes HD, a couple of helpful hints will always help you along your way towards victory. Ubisoft realise this and will be releasing a series of videos to give you the head’s up on what will be expected of you come the release of the game on April 13th (April 14th on PlayStaton Network).

This first video in the series gives you the lowdown on the basic tactics of Clash of Heroes HD, moving your units, deleting them, creating formations and performing special attacks. These movements form the basics of what you’ll spend your time doing in the game. There’s a lot more involved in ensuring victory in Clash of Heroes HD but it seems there’s going to be more videos forthcoming that will go into a lot more detail about those.

Stay tuned!

With the description for this video being that it’s the “first strategy session of Clash of Heroes HD”, it’s safe to assume there’s going to be a few more of them down the line, towards the game’s release. Be sure to check back to GodisaGeek.com to see them when they’re available.

Clash Of Heroes HD will be available on Xbox LIVE Arcade on April 13th 2011 and PlayStation Network a day later on April 14th 2011 .