Tekken 6 Available On Xbox LIVE!

by on April 26, 2011

If you are looking forward to the Tekken X Street Figher release and fancy brushing up on your skills in preparation, then good news fight fans, as Namco Bandai Games have made the latest King of the Iron Fist tournament, otherwise known as Tekken 6, available on the Xbox LIVE games on demand service!

NAMCO BANDAI Games Europe opens the newest King of Iron Fist Tournament to all comers today as TEKKEN 6 launches on Xbox Live Games On Demand for Xbox 360.

TEKKEN 6 brings the biggest character line up in the series history, brand-new Scenario Campaign mode, spectacular high-definition 60fps visuals with full-time variable animation blur, and an array of online fight play options.

With an illustrious 16 year legacy, TEKKEN is among the world’s most popular and well-known gaming brands with franchise sales of more than 35 million units to date. The blistering new features and electrifying high-definition fight action of TEKKEN 6 make it an experience not to be missed.

So if this has you punching the air with joy, then head over to Xbox LIVE and purchase this title for the sumptuous price of £14.99!

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