New Black Prophecy Patch Introduces New Missions & More!

by on May 3, 2011

Black Prophecy is a space MMO developed by Reakktor Media that was released on the 21st March 2011 in Europe. The game is set in the 26th century, where mankind has expanded across the galaxy, yet only few of its colonies are controlled by Humans. Two main factions dominate space: the cybernetically enhanced Tyi and the biogenetically perfected Genides.

Good news! At least for those of you playing the Free-To-Play MMO, the first patch is here.

The space action MMOG Black Prophecy has received new content with the release of its first monthly patch. The highlights of this patch are the ten new missions in open sectors, available to players on different levels as well as many other bug fixes.

The full patch notes for the recently released patch are:

Following new missions were implemented:

  • “Cash for clunkers”, Comadrome, Level 7, Tyi
  • “Valuable freight”, Caldeena Tyi Hub, Level 34, Tyi
  • “Boosting morale”, Caldeena Tyi Hub, Level 35, Tyi
  • “The prototype”, Col Esera, Level 14, Genide
  • “Lost in the Badlands”, Elysion, Level 18, Tyi + Genide
  • “No response from Station FG-31”, Elysion, Level 18, Tyi + Genide
  • “Escort”, Gyoda, Level 30, Tyi
  • “Security loopholes”, Gyoda, Level 30, Genide
  • “There’s always something waiting…”, Geneera, Level 27, Tyi
  • “Crafting Session”, Apo Kata, Level 4,



  • General performance improvements in all sectors.
  • Removed exploit possibility that allowed players to collect unlimited colors in “Paint Job”.
  • Fixed issues with performance and missing NPCs in Bara Kaitos sectors.
  • Fixed ship health display inconsistencies.
  • Damage distribution changed slightly: Damage is distributed evenly among active ship items, proportional to the items’ durability percentage in relation to the entire ship. The item that is directly hit (unless it’s the cockpit) receives slightly more percental damage than the other items.
  • Repair kit durability is distributed evenly among all active ship items, proportional to the items’ durability percentage in relation to the entire ship.
  • Increased the amounts repaired by the higher level repair kits.
  • Fixed heavy alien fighter item values. It can turn at decent speeds now.
  • Implemented better spawn point variation for weapon transporters in the Nimbus, to prevent spawn point camping.
  • Fixed a bug in the mission “Energy Reserves”.
  • Fixed an AI bug that caused NPCs to have steering problems when switching to sniper weapons.
  • Fixed an AI bug that caused NPCs to not move when they should try to hide.
  • Fixed an AI bug that caused NPCs to have steering problems when breaking off from a formation.
  • Fixed an AI bug that caused NPCs to ignore new threats when purposefully attacking enemies.
  • Fixed an AI bug that caused NPCs to ignore turrets on capital ships.
  • Fixed an AI bug that caused NPCs to randomly experience steering problems during



  • Fixed colony ship texture flickering.
  • Fixed engine exhaust effects for Tyi fighters.
  • Fixed weapon attachment alignment for Tyi fighter wing module.
  • Enhanced areas influenced by player color for Tyi fighter modules.
  • Correct interior scene is now shown in the Gyoda Nebula for Tyi



  • Quickplay/instance button and sector/station name info no longer disappear when docked to a station and activating mouse mode.
  • Premium items can no longer be moved to the ship inventory while a trade with a player or NPC is already active.
  • Fixed kill-assist game messages if the player is killed by an NPC, but was damaged by other players before.
  • Quickplay is now correctly being disabled when the client disconnects.
  • More detailed information is now displayed when a player wants to request a clan sector.
  • Removed warning message when players cancel their pending mission.
  • Reserved names filter has been updated to allow some popular, previously blocked character names.
  • Fixed a case where players could receive an error message “mission already starting” even after

    logging out and logging back in.

Black Prophecy is available now in Europe, with a beta available in the US. Download the game’s client from the official website at http://www.blackprophecy.com.