StarCraft II: Heart of The Swarm Debut Trailer and Information Emerges

by on May 31, 2011

Blizzard have today released a debut trailer for the upcoming StarCraft II expansion, Heart of The Swarm. Along with the trailer, developer Blizzard have released a bevy of information with regards to the single player portion of the expansion but remain tight lipped about any features or changes concerning the highly anticiapted multi-player.

Players will take control of a de-zergified Sarah Kerrigan whilst she wrestles for control of the Zerg swarm in a number of micro orientated missions.

Micro vs Macro

Whilst Wings of Liberty certainly had it’s micro moments, the main focus was certainly on building big bases and armies (macro) to crush your opponents. Heart of the Swarm will shift to a Warcraft 3 style of RTS gameplay (micro) with Kerrigan present during most missions as a hero character. Players will be able to upgrade the queen of blades through out the campaign and use her aggressively to achieve goals.

Evolution, not revolution

Hive-evolution will be introduced and will act a little like the research system found in Wings of Liberty. Players will be set the task of finding new DNA samples from exotic creatures around the sector and will in turn be able to not only upgrade units, but evolve them too. One example given so far is upgrading the staple of any Zerg army, the Zergling into a Swarmling or Raptor.


It looks like Kerrigan will be going after the Protoss big time in a “genocidal” war, whilst stepping into the dark unknown of the the Xel’naga. There is no doubt that the Terran will be involved too, Jim Raynor will likely side with Kerrigan whilst the Dominion still hunt the Zerg leader.

Source: Battle.net