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Major StarCraft II Map Changes On The Way

by on March 3, 2011

The lack of storm is not the only 1.3.0 change that fans of Blizzard’s award winning RTS, StarCraft II are discussing right now. Earlier today the game developer announced that a number of maps which are normally used in ladder (ranked) match-ups, will be removed and replaced with an all new set of “balanced” maps.

The map update sees the removal of old 1v1 classics such as Blistering Sands, Steppes of War and Lost Temple to name just three.

The excerpt below is from the StarCraft II community site.

With StarCraft II Patch 1.3, we’re making some changes to the ladder map pool (as originally announced in this blog post). We’ve prepared some additional information to explain which maps are remaining, why certain maps have been removed, and what players should look for in the new maps we’re adding.

We’re going to be watching these changes closely and reading your feedback, so let us know what you think. In addition to these changes we also have a few more maps in the works to add to the ladder pool, including a player-created map currently being featured in the GSL. We’ll have more information on those as it becomes available.

You can check out all the map updates and reasons for the change here.