Feed Me Oil Review

by on June 20, 2011

Game: Feed Me Oil

Developer: HolyWaterGames

Publisher: Chillingo

Available on: iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad (Reviewed on iPhone)

iPhone games. There are a lot of them. If you’ve ever gone to the app store intending to buy one of them then you’ll know that it’s very easy to get bogged down and become utterly confused about which games are good and which games you could quite happily skip. Sometimes, however, there’s a game that hits the app store and goes straight to number 1. Not only that, but people start talking about it, and keep talking about it. Feed Me Oil is one of those games.

So what’s everybody talking about? Is Feed Me Oil as good as everyone keeps saying? I’m guessing that’s what you’re here to find out, so there’s not sense in stopping now.

Most of the gameplay in Feed Me Oil revolves around getting the oil, which is dispensed from a pipe somewhere in the level, into the predetermined area. This area has a number associated with it which indicates the amount of oil that the player is required to deposit there. Matching the quantity of oil to this number is often be the most difficult part of Feed Me Oil. Although the method of transferring the oil from one place to another is usually fairly obvious (after a little bit of trial and error, at least), but it’s not so easy to keep the oil from falling back out. The necessity of maintaining the correct quantity of oil adds a rich puzzle element to the game, giving it greater depth.

FeedMeOil_Screenshot (1)

Om, nom, nom, nom

Feed Me Oil is similar to a lot of other games on iOS devices, in that each level has a number of stars associated with it which denote how well you did on it. Whilst you will be able to advance to the next level with a single star, most people will want to get the full three stars on every single level. Consequently, players will keep coming back for more, adding to the overall longevity of the game.

At the moment, there are three chapters in Feed Me Oil, each containing 15 levels. That gives the player 45 levels to attempt to get three stars on, with the promise of more to come in the future. Another added bonus is the fact that players can unlock a set of bonus levels just by suggesting that their friends download the game. Given that most people would recommend this game to their friends anyway, it’s nice that they can get something tangible out of it.

Feed Me Oil can be a difficult game to get into, especially on the iPhone, as the control method means that your finger will often be covering the area where you want to place an item. However, once you’ve got over this small flaw in the game’s control mechanic, you’ll be left with a puzzle game that’s both addictive and enjoyable to play. I often found myself starting a new level, intending to only have a quick peek at it (to see how easy it would be to solve), and before I knew it I’d completed the level and moved onto the next one. This kept happening, meaning that an intended play time of five minutes quickly turned into two hours, and exclamations of “it’s what time?!”.

FeedMeOil_Screenshot (2)

Just an example of the weird and wonderful "creatures" in Feed Me Oil

Feed Me Oil is one of those game that iOS devices were designed for. It has addictive gameplay, it is easy to pick up and put down (providing you have the will power to put it down, that is) and intuitive touch controls. If you’re looking for a new game to play while you’ve got a couple of minutes spare you, could do a lot worse than Feed Me Oil, and with more levels on the way you can be sure that you’ll be playing it for some time to come.


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