Limited Edition of Skyward Sword Announced

by on August 30, 2011

Nintendo has had a tricky few months. The E3 demonstration of WiiU was well received in the hall but has since been torn to shreds by a hungry internet that was unsatisfied by Nintendo’s meagre portion of information. Sales of the 3DS have slowed, with a lack of titles leaving it vulnerable in the battle with smartphones, tablets and Sony’s upcoming PS Vita for handheld gaming dominance. To cap it all, the once unstoppable Wii has been stuck in a holding pattern since Nintendo decided to announce its next generation replacement.

But it isn’t all bad news for the Japanese stalwart. For some time they have been holding a trump card up their sleeve, one which they are just beginning to play. The new Legend of Zelda, subtitled Skyward Sword, is coming soon and Nintendo have chosen today to detail its obligatory Limited Edition bundle.

The Limited Edition bundle of Skyward Sword will feature a copy of the game (kind of obvious, that one), a music CD featuring selected songs from The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Symphony (announced at E3) and a golden Wii Remote™ Plus controller bearing the Hylian Crest. If you are into Zelda (and apparently quite a lot of people do agree that it is OK) then this is a pretty special package.

The package has been put together as part of Nintendo’s celebration of twenty-five years of Legend of Zelda games, and the it will be released in Europe on November 18th of 2011. Skyward Sword is the first Zelda game to use Wii MotionPlus technology to “precisely control flight and experience a distinctly unique combat system as you analyse enemy attack and defence moves, counteracting each assault with precise and intuitive movements of the sword”.

As one final treat, Nintendo is also confirming that fans who pre-order the limited edition bundle will be able to get their hands on the exclusive gold Wii Remote Plus included within the bundle.

The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword Limited Edition will be released on November 18th of 2011 for Nintendo Wii.