NTSC-J And NTSC-U PSone Classics Confirmed For SCEE

by on August 3, 2011

Sony Europe are preparing to release PSOne titles from US and Japan. Although they cannot confirm dates, a few are expected to be published to the PlayStation Store soon. It means that publishers that already have titles in the US and Japanese stores can apply to get their games added to the European PlayStation Stores too.

Here are the key points:

  • Publishers who own the rights to release PSone titles that were previously only available in the US and/or Japan will now be able to apply to have them released on the SCEE PlayStation Stores (providing they are rated by the appropriate ratings boards for each territory).
  • All titles will be published ‘as is’, with either English or Japanese language game content where available.
  • All titles will run at 60 Hz and you will need a 60 Hz capable display to play them properly.

This also means that if a PAL version of a title has been unable to pass QA in SCEE, but the NTSC version is already available on the PlayStation Store in SCEA or SCEJ, SCEE can look at publishing that version instead. They cannot simply take the US version and publish it immediately, as it has to be reprocessed for SCEE, but at least they know the title should already be relatively bug-free.

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