Street Fighter X Tekken New Character Teasers

by on August 1, 2011

A few days ago a few of the best beat-em-up players in the world met at the EVO tournament in Las Vegas to find out who was the best of the best. Joining the fighting game pros was Yoshinori Ono, beloved figure in the community, producer of Street Fighter 4 and the upcoming Street Fighter X Tekken games.

He took the opportunity to tease a couple of new characters that will be appearing in one of the most anticipated fighting game crossovers in recent memory.

GodisaGeek was lucky enough to get a Street Fighter X Tekken lesson at E3 from Shoryuken.com’s @skisonic, who took us through the game’s fighting system, demonstrating tag moves, tricks for activating Kazuya’s Mist Step and the combo system. SFxT is sizing up to be a really valuable addition to the fighting genre and is already getting plenty of input from the professionals. The bigger the roster gets, the more exciting the game becomes.

So … the new fighters are below, let the speculation begin.

(There is one easy one … one a little less so; let us know what you think)