New Screenshots for Rotastic’s Multiplayer Mode

by on September 16, 2011

Attention Xbox LIVE Arcade fans! As you may already know, the next downloadable title on Xbox LIVE Marketplace is the 2D arcade game known as Rotastic, which will be available to purchase in the coming days. However the publishers, Focus Home Interactive along with the Paris based developers Dancing Dots, have released some new screenshots of this title that showcases it’s multiplayer mode.

Players will be able to experience 4 player co-op in 70 insane levels that will be great fun to play and quite taxing at the same time. Other multiplayer features for this title include Collect Mode, where you face off against an opponent to collect as many gems as possible whilst avoiding deadly traps along the way, and Points Mode, where you aim to get the highest score by collecting items, pulling off stunts and sending your opponent to their death!

Now only a few days from its Xbox LIVE release, Rotastic, the addictive 2D arcade game developed by Dancing Dots, today is showcasing more of its multiplayer modes with new screenshots!

While Rotastic delivers an immense experience in solo with nearly 70 wacky levels, let’s not forget that its multiplayer modes also offer limitless fun! Up to 4 players may battle in local, intense games promising good laughs with friends! Around its simple game mechanics and its surprisingly deep gameplay, Rotastic varies its multiplayer experience with different game modes, all proving to be as fun as they are challenging! In Collect mode, grab as much jewels as you can, and before your opponents get them… all while avoiding the deadly traps! In Points mode, get the highest score by varying your actions: collect jewels, realize tricky stunts and acrobatic figures, or send your opponents to their doom to get as many points as you can!

Finally, for all of you blood-thirsty warriors, the Deathmatch mode has been made for you! Be it in time-limit or frag limit, destroy all resistance by cutting the rope of the other competitors, in order to send them to the abyss below, or better, send them flying right into the lethal traps laying around!

Rotation will be available to purchase on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace for 800 Microsoft Points and will also be available on the PlayStation Network and on PC at the beginning of 2012. But in the meantime, here are the screenshots!

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