Super Knights is Now Available for Free on Android Devices

by on January 24, 2013

Super-Knights-Is-Now-Available-For-Free-On-Android-DevicesSuper Knights, a game which used to be called Knights of the Round Cable back when we reviewed it for Mobile Monday in July of last year (and subsequently awarded it a 10/10), is now available for free for everyone who uses an Android device.

Super Knights is a title that tasks that player with collecting as many gems as possible by connecting a grappling hook style rope to one of the many points dotted around the map and spinning in a perfect circle, all while avoiding a multitude of ever-increasing enemies.

If you want to know more about the game then you could read the Mobile Monday review or download the game for yourself. If you’re on any number of Android devices, and you haven’t experienced the joy of Super Knights, then you’ve really got no excuse any more.

Super Knights is available now on Android for the low, low price of free!