Ever Wanted to Ride a Mechanical Horse? Champion Jockey DLC Makes That Dream a Reality

by on September 4, 2011

Horse racing simulator Champion Jockey saw its UK release on September 2nd, and Tecmo Koei also lined up a pack of DLC horses to accompany the title on release day. Entitled the Variety Pack, the downloadable add-on will give players four new horse skins, which can be applied to both new horses and your existing steeds in your paddock. The four horses included in the pack are the Zebra-style Savanna, the Tiger-like Amur, Equus Machina – a mechanical-looking steed and Akhal-teke – a Golden-coloured horse. The new skins won’t change the way your horses perform in the big race, but will add a little exotic flair to your stables.

Check out images of all the new horses in action below, as well as some screenshots showing the game in its Steeplechase mode, and showing off rain weather effects:

[nggallery id=569]

Champion Jockey is out now on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii. The Variety Pack DLC is also out now. Check back early in the week for our High-Definition First Look video of the title, in preparation for an upcoming review.

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