Sonic 4: Episode II Is Coming, Now With Added Tails

by on February 24, 2012

Sonic 4: Episode II Is Coming, Now With Added TailsThanks to Sonic Generations, the little blue bugger has earned our respect, maybe even our love again. Now that Sonic’s flashback to the past has been and gone, it’s time to look forward to our next platform fix – Enter Sonic 4: Episode II.

Opinions of  the first Sonic 4 episode were mixed, with many not sure about the way Sonic handled, or the level design. Personally, I actually quite liked the game; it was a nice blast through retro-styled Sonic levels, with some of the newer mechanics. It looked great, and it played rather well.

Thankfully, SEGA haven’t abandoned the Sonic 4 episodic concept, and are pressing on with the second episode; more than a year after the first one (Not sure if that’s really the definition of “episodic”, but there you go).

As well as the return of Sonic’s original annoying friend – Tails; we also see the return of one of his greatest enemies – The very shiny (and very hard) Metal Sonic. With SEGA recently claiming that Metal Sonic’s first appearance in Sonic CD is a prequel to Sonic 4, it’s be interesting to see if this new episode carries any other elements from Sonic’s optical-based departure – Maybe time travel?

To remind us that the game is coming, SEGA have issued an all-new trailer, featuring Sonic and his two-tailed chum. I must say, it’s looking rather good so far!

Sonic 4: Episode II will be released sometime in Spring, 2012 for Xbox Live Arcade and Sony Entertainment Network.

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