Keep Up the Fight, as Mass Effect Goes Mobile

by on March 19, 2012

Keep-Up-the-Fight,-as-Mass-Effect-Goes-MobileA lot has been said about the peripheral elements added to Mass Effect 3, whether it be multiplayer in the main game or downloadable apps, and it’s fair to say response has been mixed.

I personally believe every Mass Effect fan will find something to interest them in the three apps available now on itunes.

Mass Effect Infiltrator – A third-person shooter much like Mass Effect 3, Infiltrator can help increase your galactic readiness in the main game. At around 6 hours long it is certainly worth a look for hardcore fans or those just looking to test the power of their new iPad, as the game has just been updated to support Apples new tablet.

The Final Hours of Mass Effect 3 – Now the final hours of Mass Effect 3 have received plenty of attention since the game launched, but this app actually has nothing to do with the games already infamous ending. It is in fact an interactive documentary by Geoff Keighley from within Bioware’s Edmonton Studio. The app features exclusives video interviews, games, quizzes, and other interactive elements. Never before seen information will also be revealed such as the Illusive Man boss battle that never happened!

Mass Effect Datapad – My personal favorite, this free app acts as a great companion to the main game. I like this app because it acts as an extension of the main game rather then anything else. For example it allows you to check emails from characters within the game, and listen to codex entries detailing the games many planets, aliens and weapons. The ability to catch up on what’s happening in your single player story while on the way home from work is great, allowing you to jump straight into the action when you boot up Mass Effect 3.

What do you think about the various apps surrounding Mass Effect 3 are they a good thing or do they fail to match the quality of the main game?

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