New Assassin’s Creed III Trailer is All About Desmond Miles

by on October 19, 2012

New Assassin's Creed III Trailer is All About Desmond MilesAs the Assassin’s Creed III release date stalks ever closer (check out Mark Bridle’s excellent preview here), it’s easy to get swept away by tales of new boy Connor Kenway and his American Revolution and forget that it is only a part of a greater unfolding, that of unassuming bartender Desmond Miles and his exceptional heritage.

Kidnapped by the shadowy Templars and forced into the Animus – a machine that allows the user to “relive” their ancestors’ memories as though they were there, Desmond has been… changing. Rescued by others like him, he has been training with the help of the Animus and his Assassin predecessors to become like them, a weapon against the Templars in a war that will decide the future of humanity.

But as the fateful date approaches, even Desmond is unsure of the role he will play on December 21st 2012, when the war will come to a head, and humanity will face its extinction.

This epic new trailer for Assassin’s Creed III examines Desmond’s story so far as he prepares to delve back into the Animus once more and assume the role of Connor Kenway, an ancestor of his whose exploits during the American War for Independence will help to shape Desmond’s destiny.

Assassin’s Creed III is being developed and published by Ubisoft, and is scheduled for release in the UK on November 2nd.