Edge of Space Want You to Save Real Kittens via Steam Greenlight

by on October 2, 2012

Edge-of-Space-Want-You-to-Save-Real-Kittens-via-Steam-GreenlightForthcoming space-adventure, Edge of Space, has broken the top 50 on Steam’s Greenlight project, but they want your help to push on into the top 10.

In a rather spiffing move (I’m bringing that work back), Reverb Publishing has vowed they will donate money to The Humane Society if the game gets approved for release on Steam.

Basically, if you upvote the game and it gets approved by October 15, Reverb will donate $5000 (£3000-ish in UK coin) to The Humane Society, which will go towards providing care and safety for homeless cats. If the game doesn’t get approval however? Well, that’s on you, people! In all seriousness though, let’s not let this get out of hand, it’s just a fun bit of promotion, and Reverb are doing a nice thing here, folks.

You can see more information about Edge of Space on the Steam Greenlight page, here. We’ve also embedded a trailer below for you to enjoy.