Sony Tease PlayStation 4 Reveal with February Event

by on February 1, 2013

PlayStation-4-EventNow there’s always a case of people having egg on their face with these kind of assumptions, but the last time Sony held this kind of event, the PS Vita was revealed.

“Be the First to Know” is the teaser slogan, and you can sign up for updates here – the event will take place on February 20th.

Other than assuming it’ll be some kind of PS4/Next-Generation reveal, obviously nobody knows very much, so we thought we’d take this chance to ask you what you think it might be, but also, what you want from the next Sony console?

So let us know if you’re excited, bored, indifferent to a new generation, in the comment section below. Personally, new hardware is always exciting, but I’ve got a lot of games on my pile of shame/back-log that I’d love to get to already!

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