Deus Ex: The Fall Domains Registered by Square Enix

by on March 6, 2013

Deus-Ex-The-Fall-Domains-Registered-by-Square-EnixFar be it for fans of video games to hear something and speculate until they lose their voice, but…NEW DEUS EX GAME: CONFIRMED.

Well…no, it hasn’t been confirmed. We all felt a bit burned when it turned out that Square Enix’s trademark for Deus Ex: Human Defiance turned out to be a movie and not a sequel to 2011’s sublime Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Now, let’s all approach this next paragraph with some trepidation…

Superannuation recently posted links to some new domains registered by Square Enix, on Twitter. DeusExTheFall.com, DeusExTheFall.net and DeusExTheFall.co.uk were all registered very recently by the publisher behind the stealth-action series.

The fact that video game fans were burned as little as a few days ago, take this news, not as a confirmation, but as a possibility that we will be seeing an announcement for another Deus Ex game in the near future…please…