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Diablo III looks swift and Brutal on PS3

by on March 25, 2013

Diablo_III_Main_ImageThe first gameplay trailer for the console version of Diablo III has surfaced and it looks fine.

Uploaded by GamesHQMedia, the footage shows a game largely unchanged from its shift from keyboard to controller.

The most pronounced ‘change’ is the more centred character and more tilted, fixed camera that gives the game a feeling of far weightier action.

The new camera can also be seen doing its action emphasising thing during the battle with Belial. Gone is the omnipotent isometric view and in its place is a camera that shows off the boss and the player’s actions in a more dynamic light.

Then there are the HUD ‘tidy ups’, with health and mana shrunk and thrown in the corner. I personally miss the gothic ‘here lieth your things’ Blizzard Bar, but it’s impossible to say that the video doesn’t look like Diablo.

The PS3 version of Diablo III is slowly shaping up to be a rather unique beast. Between this new camera and rumblings of a completely offline mode, and no auction house, it could offer something quite unique. It’s lovely to see Blizzard really putting the effort in to make a true console version instead of a cheesy port.

Diablo III is available now for Windows PC and Mac. The game will be released at a later date for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4

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