Game Dev Tycoon Developers Release Pirated Version of Own Game

by on April 29, 2013

Greenheart Games, the developers behind Game Dev Tycoon, a game that makes you the developer and which was released yesterday, have also released their own cracked version of the game and made it available to pirates. 

Why have they done this? Well that’s the clever part.

There’s a difference between the main game and the one made available on the high seas. The former is a perfectly fine and well-reviewed simulation but the player’s within the latter will encounter a problem that will render the games made within the game unprofitable.

Because they’ll be pirated.

Players who pirate the game that allows players to become game developers will themselves be hindered by in-game pirates killing the success of their projects.

The developers, perhaps jumping the gun a little and exposing their ploy too early, explained their actions on their blog.

It has lead to some hilarious responses from the pirates, one of which reading: “Guys I reached some point where if I make a decent game with a score of 9-10 it gets pirated and I can’t make a profit… It says bla bla our game got pirated stuff like that. Is there some way to avoid it? I mean can I research a DRM or something?”

To reward the genius of the developers you can buy the game at the above links or vote for it on the Steam Greenlight page.