Godus Reign Will Last No Longer than a Year For Curiosity Victor

by on May 29, 2013

With the experiment complete and the winner announced as 18 year old Bryan Henderson from Edinburgh, it’s full steam ahead for Godus.

On Sunday evening, Henderson became the final person to tap the cube and won the “life changing” prize that Curiosity was offering. Once it was revealed that he would get a percentage of what the developer would earn and also affect the rules of Godus, many questions were being asked. In an effort to answer some of these, Peter Molyneux has been doing the interview circuit and divulged some of the finer details with Game Informer:

“[Bryan’s] reign – the reign of the god of gods – will last for a certain period of time. It will be no less than three months, and he’ll be ruler for probably no more than a year. At that time, we then allow him to be overthrown. The world can come together to overthrow him, or they can keep him on. His role as ruler is to make certain moral decisions about the game, about what is right and wrong in the game. It is to change the balance of things to his whim. It’s all done through an interface that we provide just to Bryan. He doesn’t have to code or anything like that. He’s got his god control panel, through which he can influence things. He can send out his commandments to everyone in the world, or he can choose certain segments of the Godus world. That allows him to choose favorites, or give out local commandments. During his reign, he will get a percentage of every penny that comes to 22 Cans.”

Being a God isn’t for life, it seems. Molyneux went on to say that Henderson can obviously step down as God and choose a new ruler, if he so wishes.

There are those that were left wanting once the prize was revealed, but 22cans were always going to be leaving some disappointed with the reveal due to Molyneux’s hype. However, it may not be exactly “life changing”, but it’s still a pretty cool prize.

Godus is scheduled to come to PC, Mac, Android and iOS with a potential console release. When specifically asked about Wii U by GI, he said, “I don’t see why not”.

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