Papo & Yo Developer’s New Game is Titled Silent Enemy

by on May 2, 2013

Not afraid to tackle the more serious issues, Minority Media has announced their new game. Silent Enemy sees the player on a quest to find Springtime, but there are creatures called crows that are causing you grief, throughout. As the young protagonist, players will have certain shapeshifting abilities and spirits to help them on their journey to rid the world of this endless Winter.

These morphed birds are painted as bullies and  as the teaser video outlines, a lot of the staff at the studio have suffered at the hands of this cowardly act.  Minority Media’s previous effort Papo & Yo was another emotional title that was built around the idea of an abusive father that used drugs and was an alcoholic.

Originally thought of as an Ouya exclusive, the team is apparently open to bringing the game to PC and next generation systems, too. Regardless of the platform this appears on, seeing a studio take on these tougher topics is such a wonderful thing to see in an age where many AAA devs are playing it safe.