Let’s Play Indie: Das Überleben

by on May 24, 2013

The plan was to feature a slew of local multiplayer indie games on this weeks video. I prepared a list and invited an old friend by to try out the games I had found for us. Some old favourites, some new.

Das Überleben was among the latter.

I started it up and immediately took note of the support for up to 7 players. Sounds chaotic but probably not integral to the experience, I thought. We started playing and were immediately consumed. This one title could support the feature, if we let it.

When my brother showed up uninvited, we decided to let it. And why not invite Mama and Papa to the mix? You know, for good measure.

The moments that followed were awkward, hilarious and a unique form of bonding between my generation and my parent’s.

I want to see this game on the Kinect 2.0. I need it.