Let’s Play Indie: Music of the Spheres

by on May 17, 2013

Let’s get one thing straight before you watch this Let’s Play.

Music of the Spheres is, objectively, a pretty important game and does a lot of things right. It teaches its systems, which directly correlate with real life applications. It even goes as far as to teach the player the Doppler effect in its final puzzle; a concept that an essay would have had trouble conveying. The art is beautiful and the sound design is pretty near perfect.

Even the name of the game is profound, being pulled from the philosophy that all beauty and motion in the physical world, more specifically, celestial bodies, should be regarded as music; a harmonic and mathematical concept.

Music of the Spheres is impressive and you’ll probably even like it. I just didn’t think it was fun, an attribute I value in my games.

But, as always, fun is a subjective concept, isn’t it? Anyway, enjoy the video.