Seth Killian is a Playable Character in Iron Galaxy’s Divekick

by on May 24, 2013

Involved with Capcom for many, many years and receiving a lot of credit for the Street Fighter revival, Seth Killian is somewhat of a video game luminary – particularly in the fighting game scene.

So, it makes sense that Iron Galaxy and Adam “Keits” Heart’s Divekick would feature Killian as a playable character and  *SPOILER ALERT* the game’s final boss.

Divekick allows players to both jump and kick, however, Sony Santa Monica’s Killiant teleports instead of jumping. When speaking to Destructoid, he said that makes S-Kill, his doppelganger, one of the more challenging to use:

“He’s definitely one of the trickier characters in the game. He doesn’t really jump, he just teleports to different locations around the screen, and then [can] perform the dive. He’s got some tricky moves on the ground, he can parry and then follow that up with a kill. So that’s pretty cool, but overall you sort of have to know where you’re going cause the teleport is not instant. So you have to be pretty quick, but he can really bait opponents out well.”

Divekick is one of the most interesting looking fighting games in a very long time. Taking out the plentiful combos and replacing them with one option of Divekicking is a stroke of genius. This is one to watch when it comes to PlayStation 3, Vita and PC, later this year.

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