Newsround #83 (14/02/14) – Mario Kart 8, Halo 2 and Steam Tags

by on February 14, 2014

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On today’s show:

  • The Evil Within has a release date (GodisaGeek)
  • As does Kinect Sports Rivals (GodisaGeek)
  • Steam Tags is a good idea, but… (Kotaku)
  • Rust could come to shiny-gen (CVG)
  • So…the Resi composer isn’t deaf…I think (IGN)
  • CandySwipe dev is none too pleased with King (Eurogamer)
  • Rovio announce Angry Birds Stella (Videogamer)
  • Nordic to release Darksiders & Red Faction comps (Polygon)
  • Pre-order LoS 2 and get Mirror of Fate for free! (GodisaGeek)
  • Divekick Addition Edition is on the way (Polygon)
  • Second Assault is on its way to consoles other than Xbox (IGN)
  • Windows gaming GM jets (Polygon)
  • Master Chief actor claims Halo 2 Anniversary will be out, this year (VG247)
  • Some 3DS release dates from Nintendo Direct (GodisaGeek)
  • Mario Kart 8 out in May (GodisaGeek)