Deus Ex: The Fall is Six Hours Long and Contains In-App Purchases

by on June 7, 2013

Square Enix has released a brand new trailer for Deus Ex: The Fall. This look at the game will give fans of the series another chance to see the iOS title in action.

Of course, the announcement drew a lot of ire from fans who were anticipating a console title. In an interview with MCV, Square Enix Europe’s marketing director Jon Brooke was adamant that The Fall will not be throwaway fodder:

“We’re as serious about next gen as we are about tablet gaming. As a publisher, we believe all platforms present opportunities and if you create the right content, we believe we can have success. It’s not just about next gen for us: it’s about PC gaming, tablets, browsers. Wherever there is an audience, it’s about creating great content that’s suited to their needs.”

Eurogamer has now reported that the game is quite meaty – 6 hours in length. Also, even though the game will cost iOS device owners, there will also be in-app purchases present. Producer James Wright told EG that players will see everything the game has to offer without pumping any money into it, so hopefully the micro transactions won’t be intrusive.

If they’ve adapted the winning formula seen in Human Revolution for the mobile platform, great. But, normally when fully-fledged console offerings make the jump, it doesn’t work. We’ll find out soon enough as it’ll arrive on the App Store, this Summer.