Deus Ex: The Fall is an iPad and iPhone Game

by on June 5, 2013

Square Enix have made it official. After a year of working on the game and rumours dating back to March, the public has now seen its first glimpse of Deus Ex: The Fall.

The game is set in 2027 – the same time as Deus Ex: Human Revolution – but players will be assuming the role of Ben Saxon who is a former British SAS Merc who has, totes obvs, undergone physical augmentation. The power lies in the hands of global corporations who control the meds needed by augmented humans in order to keep ticking.

Also, it’s a mobile game. Not next-generation, not even PS3 and 360, The Fall will be released on iPad and iPhone, soon. I am a big proponent of mobile gaming – a couple of my favourite games of this year, I played on the iPad. However, they were new experiences, tailor-made for the device.

Of course, it’s difficult to say anything concrete on Deus Ex: The Fall at this time, but I’m sure many Human Revolution fans were hoping for a console title in the series.