Namco Bandai Partners Is Now Namco Bandai Games

by on July 1, 2013

A short piece of news comes from our friends at Namco Bandai today, as today the Japanese company have announced that as of today; Namco Bandai Partners and Namco Bandai Games are no longer separate entities.

Both arms of Namco Bandai’s European distribution company have now merged under a single brand – Namco Bandai Games. This name change completes a full integration of all of the companies publishing and development offices.

President of Namco Bandai Games Europe, Shusuke Takahara stated:

“The group of companies’ new names will encompass the full dimension from both Publishing and Distribution to develop European business further and reinforce the organization in one unified team behind our logo…This name unification is the final outcome of the subsidiaries integration, concluding the full process”

So long as the company continues to bring quality games to these shores; we don’t mind what they’re called!