Half Life 3 ‘Not In Development’ According To Valve Voice Actor

by on August 16, 2013

A voice actor who has worked numerous times with Valve has claimed that Half Life 3 is not in development at the studio.

Over the years John Patrick Lowrie has lent his voice to such roles as Sniper in Team Fortress 2, Houseboat Radio in Left 4 Dead and Citizens in Half Life 2: Episode Two.

Lowrie was responding to commenters on his blog (which we saw thanks to NowGamer) asking about the fabled series.

“Here is the biggest challenge with bringing out HL3,” he explained. “The big thing now with FPSs is motion capture. One of the great things about HL2 is that all of the characters that you meet actually look at you when they talk to you no matter where you go or stand. With mo-cap you can’t do that, at least not yet.”

Lowrie cited a “several reasons” for the company apparently not developing the game, but focused on the issue of mo-cap.

“When Gabe said ‘we’re not talking about HL3′ he was right. The company is not considering it at this time as far as I know. One of the reasons is the mo-cap thing, but there are others as well.”

Of course with him being a pretty small and without sounding offensive, a pretty replaceable cog in the Valve machine, Lowrie’s words should be taken with a large pinch of salt.

Whether it’s a just reason or we just refuse to believe the game isn’t in development, well that’s another matter.

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