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Pixel People Update Adds A Ton Of New Features

by on August 15, 2013

Lambda Mu and Chillingo’s Pixel People was released on mobile devices earlier this year, leaving a trailer of addicted players in their wake. I had to forcibly go cold turkey from the game several months ago, and GodisaGeek Editor Adam Cook still won’t play it.

Pixel People is a danger to productivity, but it’s such a damn addictive danger. As of today, it’s only going to get worse, as a new update for the game has been released – And it’s a big one.

This all new update adds a shedload of new features, including new Achievements, more genes, beach terrain, and upgraded buildings – Those changes, in full:

New Content

  • Geneticists underestimate depth of gene pool again. 255 genes rumoured to be discoverable, possibly more.
  • Architect has epiphany while staring into space, designs 15 new buildings.
  • Voluntary Zoning Commission allows for construction of Terrain tiles consisting of pure water or grass.
  • Mission Control mysteriously demands completion of new missions, promises great rewards.
  • 29 New medals created at Police Station, to be rewarded for commendable achievements only.

Updated Content

  • Greenhouse facility given new purpose and meaning. Neighbours turn the color of envy.
  • Church audited, no longer allowed divine creation of land. Patrons invited to Rate the game from here instead.
  • Claw Machine installed at Arcade. Visitors encouraged to try their luck at the prizes.
  • Casino tries to buck the trend. Ingenious new systems introduced where the house always loses.
  • New regulations introduced to Animal Shelter, whereby only animals can be adopted, once a day, free.
  • Enterprise owners promise bonus facelift to building if investment targets are met.
  • Beach House now comes with a radical new feature that will shorely make residents very happy.
  • Convenience Store decor now can be built as soon as Decor is unlocked. How convenient.
  • Mystery of the Altar revealed. Perhaps.

User Interface

  • Decor menu subdivided according to spirit rewarded. Landscaper’s workload significantly reduced.
  • New packages added for Levelling Up, Arcade Play, City Visiting. More things to slice open!
  • All clones modified to include a ‘relocation’ button for vacation/deletion etc.
  • Gallery lets you scroll through jobs in enlarged view. Scrolling within jobs also allowed, so you can admire the clones of your clones.

Optional Content

  • Animal Shelter Upgradeable.
  • Water Mission Buyout-able.
  • Utopium Spin at the Casino.
  • Black Market Bundles.

Bug Fixes

  • Easter Bunny (or shall we say Easter BUGgy, amirite?) now behaves as intended.
  • All achievements can be unlocked. Refresh from the gallery in case any are missing.
  • Lots of minor bug fixes.

Pixel People is available for free on the iTunes App Store.