Mike Bithell Announces Story Synopsis and Voice Actors for Volume

by on October 25, 2013

Mike Bithell has announced story details pertaining to his upcoming game, Volume. As well as that, he’s revealed two of the vocal talents of the stealthy affair.

The protagonist of the story, Robert Locksley, is a thief that comes across something called a volume — a military training simulator. Locksley has a couple of hours to broadcast simulations of England’s richest people being robbed, to show the country’s poorer population. The volume’s tutorial AI helps Locksley along the way and he also has a voice which will sound familiar to those who played Thomas Was Alone.

Yes, of course, it’s Danny Wallace. The radio DJ’s narration in Thomas was an absolute delight and seeing he’ll be assuming the role of the friendly AI is great to hear. As well as Wallace, Charie McDonnell will be playing the role of Robert Locksley. McDonnell, for those that may not know, is a YouTube sensation. McDonnell has amassed over two million YouTube subscribers. He’s also a budding musician, aspiring film-maker and now, video game voice actor.

At MCM Expo this Sunday, Mike and Charlie will be onstage, taking questions from people about Volume.

Check out the latest trailer for Volume below, which doesn’t contain any gameplay, but does show off the vocal talents of the two aforementioned gentlemen.