New Rocksmith 2014 Trailer Showcases Session Mode

by on October 10, 2013

Ubisoft are slowly lifting the lid on some of the new features we can expect from Rocksmith 2014 when it’s released on October 22nd – this new trailer shows off “session mode”.

Session Mode allows the player to lead an artificially intelligent band that plays along with them. The virtual band (which can be customized according the player’s choice of metronome and instruments– there are 70 different Session Mode instruments!) reacts to their playing dynamically. It’s a more advanced feature, but Rocksmith 2014 Edition has missions to guide the player through it if they are a beginner. Experts can jump right in and play along the entire guitar neck by zooming out.

Session Mode is also available in Multiplayer mode, so two players can Jam side-by-side and create their own band experience.

Session Mode can also be played with any electric instrument with a ¼” jack, e.g. an electric ukulele or violin, however, it’s not officially supported and you wouldn’t see any special interface or guide. Still, the band will dynamically react to the music you play.

Having spent a bit of time with an unfinished build of Rocksmith 2014, it’s really shaping up to be a superb tool for guitarists everywhere, and a lot of effort has been put in to improve on the original game, Rocksmith, which we reviewed here.

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