Etherium Trailer Released

by on January 17, 2014

A brand new real-time strategy game for PC is coming soon. Titled Etherium, the player commands the armies of one of three warring factions on the planet Serenade. Rich in a resource known as Etherium, each faction has an array of units, from ground-based infantry troops, to air-based ships, to gigantic “colossi of war”.

While a four-player online multiplayer mode is available, we also know that the solo campaign will be a non-linear affair, with the player able to choose their missions wisely. Other then that, the usual mainstays of the genre are here in abundance – Management of precious resources, taking control of the map, and destroying the enemy.

Etherium features seven different planets, with each one offering drastically different environments, where even the weather conditions can have an impact on the battle.

Etherium is coming soon to PC.

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