Cloud Chamber is a Speculation Based MMO

by on April 24, 2014

Investigate North have released a video detailing the interesting gameplay mechanics behind their upcoming MMO, Cloud Chamber.

The game is based around talking and speculating with fellow players.

As the video explains, each ‘level’ is created from the memories and activities of a character. It’s then up to everyone involved in the game to poke and prod around the level and the archived knowledge of the character to discover potential truths about them, which they then share and discuss with the community.

So how do you ‘win’ or ‘progress’ in Cloud Chamber? Not entirely sure. The video does touch upon rewarding the players that create the most talked about theories, but it seems like everything is still a touch ambiguous. Which is likely on purpose, as the developers are encouraging people to chat about the video over on the Steam community.

Have to say, this looks mighty interesting…

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