Cloud Chamber Recieves First Major Update

by on September 17, 2014

Massively multiplayer story game Cloud Chamber has received it’s first update.

The most notable aspect of the update is that it will allow players to gain easier access to some of the game’s more elusive areas.

Investigate North also announced a deal with Mode 7. Owners of the latter’s games Frozen Synapse or Frozen Cortex will find that they have a steam voucher for 50% Cloud Chamber waiting for them when they next log on.

You can check out the full changelog below.

  • Easier to unlock restricted nodes. Comments on a post now also unlock restricted nodes in that level, just as likes do.
  • Fixed bug when scrolling in feed or forum. Feed and forum should no longer freeze up while attempting to load more content and should load smoother.
  • A number of changes to communication between game and server to reduce risk of disconnections. Improved error messages to help troubleshoot connection issues.
  • Fixed bug. Downvotes now no longer help unlock restricted nodes or win “best” badges
  • Fixed a few bugs and styling issues in message function.
  • Fixed a few bugs in the “Flag” function.
  • Fixed bug. Deeplinks in “Top Contributors” should now work.
  • Fixed path between the nodes “missing worlds” and “It’s a big universe”in part 5 (used to send players on a detour)
  • Added STEAM avatars. Players can choose Steam avatar as profile image
  • Fixed bug. Clicking tagged usernames in the forums now opens the correct window.
  • Additional minor changes to leaderboard, spelling in some nodes etc.