Cloud Chamber Wants you to get Emotional with Planets

by on June 13, 2014

A new video documentary for Cloud Chamber details how its creative team had to get intimate with the universe.

“There’s so much going on out there in the universe, and our planet is so small, that I had to learn about the universe, and galaxies, and all kinds of things that have always been a little bit conceptual to me,” says Cloud Chamber’s writer, Darin Mercado, of his involvement with the project.

Along with hours of ‘found film’ footage – shot by the team behind The Killing and starring actors from Game of Thrones and James Bond – the game features genuine space documentary footage provided by the European Space Agency.

“We’re actually trying to give players an emotional relationship with the geography of the universe,” says Christian Fonnesbech, Cloud Chamber’s creative director.

Cloud Chamber is a curious sci-fi MMO with a focus on narrative and discussion. Players ‘advance’ simply by talking about videos and deciding what theories and ideas they trust and agree with.

It’s also brilliant.