Soccer Monkey Aims to Beat Boredom Between World Cup Matches

by on June 18, 2014

Soccer Monkey is a brand new high score focused soccer game that is available to download free on Android right now and will arrive on iOS shortly.

Players control a monkey and must juggle the ball towards the goal and attempt to score. The game features 32 shirts to unlock (one for every team in the World Cup) and four different backgrounds.

The game does look quite fun, and it’s got to be more entertaining than listening to Adrian Chiles at half time, right? Bob Makin, MD of SockMonkey Studios certainly seems to think so.

“We wanted to make a sporty action game that was easy enough to pick up and play, but difficult enough to master.  It’s a great game to pass the time in between the matches and even to get in a few rounds in between half time.  We’re all very excited about the sport this summer and hopefully “Soccer Monkey” will play a big part too!”

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