Hohokum Launch Trailer Revealed On PlayStation Blog

by on July 24, 2014

We got a closer look at the Art of Hohokum in a dev diary video back in May, but now as the actual release date for the latest game from Honeyslug (developer of the insane and fun Frobisher Says!) Sony have released a new launch trailer for the game – although it doesn’t necessarily give much away about what the game involves.

Posted on the US PlayStation Blog, the video features a “Crazy lovable Hermit guy”, who is meant to give you somewhat of an idea of what you should expect from the game when it launches – but it is all a bit abstract. Hohokum is now available for pre-order, and those who do pre-purchase it will not only get it for a discounted price, but will also get a custom PS3 static theme and an exclusive Hohokum DLC pack for Sound Shapes.

Not only that, but for the $14.99 price, you get cross-platform play across PS4, PS3 and PS Vita. PS Plus members will get a whopping 20% off that price.

See the launch trailer below: