The Deer God Gets Update as It Gears up to Come out of Early Access

by on January 23, 2015

Crescent Moon Games’ Early Access title The Deer God has received it’s final update as it moves ever closer to its full fledged release.┬áThe update brings co-op play to the title meaning you and a friend can live it up as Deer deities in this stunning 2D pixelated platformer.

  • Online multiplayer co-op
  • New boss! King Toad
  • New Jungle Biome! (“We are starting on a new biome,” say the devs – “you’ll get a good taste of it here. A fresh biome with all of the jungley trimmings.”
  • More story elements added to tie in the overall message
  • Train – Come and ride the old steam train – but also beware of it….
  • More variety of terrain blocks
  • Loads of bug fixes (as usual)
  • Whale of a Whale – find the whale!
  • Narwhals and pineapples!

The game was originally on Kickstarter where it managed to raise double its intended financing target.

You may know Crescent Moon Games from titles such as Ravensword and Paper Monsters. The Deer God will be their first PC release due in Q1 2015. It will come to WiiU and Xbox One shortly afterwards.