New Weekly Battlefield Community Show Starts Today

by on January 14, 2015

EA are launching a new web series today. The beautifully titled Battlefield Community Show, which you can check out on their Twitch channel between 6pm and 10pm GMT, will run for the next 10 weeks and will feature all the latest intel from the Battlefield and classic gameplay on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. There are prizes to be won, which is good, as who doesn’t LOVE free shit? AMIRIGHT!?

Week 1 (Wednesday, 14th January) will see David Sirland join the live stream from DICE LA for a Q&A and prizes will include:

  • 1 x Razer Leviathan
  • 1 x XFX R9 290X GFX Card
  • 1 x Xbox One Green Camo Controller
  • 1 x Xbox One Green Camo Headset
  • 1 x PlayStation TV
  • 1 x Battlefield 4 Gunnar Gaming Glasses
  • 20 x 1 month codes for EA Access
  • Battlefield 4 Hoodies…and more!

The shows appearance is obviously to boost interest the upcoming Battlefield Hardline, a game we will be all over when it launches in March.