Haemimont’s new action-RPG Victor Vran available today on Steam Early Access

by on February 20, 2015

Victor Vran is ready to slay demons in style, with flair and finese as the game enters Steam Early Access today. Haemimont Games, best known for its work on the acclaimed Tropico series, invites gamers around the world to join the monster hunt and share their impressions and feedback ahead of the game’s full launch later this year.

Early Access adopters will receive the exclusive Wanderer outfit as a gesture of gratitude and recognition for their invaluable help in shaping the game during this critical stage of development. The outfit unlocks unique in-game looks, but offers no gameplay advantages over players that decide to join the party later, after the official release.

Victor Vran is an intense, action-packed game, offering hours of monster-slaying fun. The first two regions of the game world are accessible now on Early Access, offering more than six hours of gameplay.

In the current build players can:

· Try out custom character builds by using a multitude of weapons, consumables, destiny cards and demon powers
· Master four weapon types: Sword, Shotgun, Hammer and Rapier. Each weapon type is unique, providing a distinct play style and special attacks. Additional weapon classes will be made available during later stages of Early Access.
· Change the difficulty using cursed Hex items that strengthen enemies and make combat more challenging.
· Dodge, jump and use special moves to gain the upper hand against the hordes of enemies.
· Play using keyboard and mouse or an Xbox controller.

Players can look forward to frequent updates during Early Access as new features and content will gradually be made available. Victor Vran is priced $19.99 (NA), £15.99 (UK) and €19.99 (EUR) and will launch with a special early bird discount.

Looking for isometric, monster slaying fun? Look now further than with Victor Vran and a chance to get involved in shaping the game.

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