Metal Gear Solid 1984 Clothing Collection Announced by Konami

by on May 11, 2015

Konami have announced that they are releasing a special clothing collection based on the 1984 setting of the upcoming Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. 

Being released in partnership with Insert Coin Clothing and Level Up Wear, the collection will be inspired by the era the game is set in: celebrating the decade’s fashion as well as incorporating some key imagery from the Metal Gear universe. The full range will be premiered at the MCM Expo in London on May 22, with each outlet showing off their own unique 80’s design stamp, including Athletics styling and a neon Diamond Dogs logo. 

As well as the clothing collection, Konami has also announced their partnership with Berlin Boom Box to create a mobile speaker system based on the series’ iconic cardboard box infiltration system. UK pricing of all the items and where they can be found will be featured below, as well as a gallery of images showcasing the collection.

Level Up Wear

Varsity Jacket, £69.99; Neon Tee (Men), £14.99; Neon Tee Crop Top (Women), £19.99 Football Tee (Male and Female versions available), £19.99; Cardboard Box Gaming Stool, £19.99

Insert Coin Wear

Sweater, £40; Black and White Diamond Dogs T-shirt, £22; women’s off-the-shoulder T-shirt, £22; £22; Varsity Jacket, £60.

Berlin Cardboard Box Items

Boom Box, £79.99.

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