Shenmue III Is a Thing, Raises $2,000,000 in 8 Hours

by on June 16, 2015

Update 6: The goal has been met, with the total currently at $2,200,000.

Update 5: It has raised $1,831,722 of its $2 million goal in about seven hours.

Update 4: That’s another $100,000 in 10 minutes. I fully expect it to be funded by the time I wake up.

Update 3: It’s made $700,000. In an hour. This is insane.

Update 2: The remaining $20,000 was raised in the time it took to write that post. It’s now at $514,000

Update 1: The Kickstarter has raised almost $500,000 in half an hour.

Original Story: Shenmue III is being Kickstarted it has been announced at Sony’s conference, which alongside the FF VII remake basically means they’re trying to make dreams come true.

Such was the popularity that Kickstarter crashed the second it went live.